Mini Short Stories – ACCIDENTS

Driving a borrowed car, she pulled up at the Roe Highway traffic lights.  A double-dog semi-trailor pulled up beside her in the next lane.  Suddenly the bolt, joining the trailor to the truck, shot up in the air and landed beside her car.

The lights changed and the truck pulled away, leaving the trailor behind.  Wobbling violently, the front of the trailor lifted up into the air.

‘I’m going to die!’ she whispered hoarsely, covering her eyes with her trembling hands so as not to see it happen.

The trailor landed dead straight beside the woman’s car, as if neatly, intentionally, placed into position.

* * *

Once again she was at the traffic lights.  Again there was a truck in the next lane, but this time in front of her.  As she watched, a huge piece of cardboard slid off the back of the truck onto the road beside her.

A four-wheel drive vehicle, towing a boat, pulled up beside her, on the cardboard.  Slowly it slid sideways, on the cardboard, into her car!

* * *

She began to teach her daughter to drive – around quiet streets in a new housing estate where, as yet, few houses had been built.

“Turn into this street, Jenny.  There’s a wall up there we can practise with.  We’ll pretend it’s a garage wall.”

“Okay, Mum.”

“Slowly, slowly, pull up to the wall, Jenny.  Foot on the brake.  On the brake – the brake!”

As the car impacted with the wall, it fell with a crash on top of them.  There they sat, pinned in their car by the only wall in an empty housing estate field.

Jenny giggled.  “Ooops.  How embarrassment!”

* * *

(C) Copyright  Jud House April 1997 & 2/10/2011

* * * * *