While all locations are real, by necessity and for authenticity, the events and characters are entirely fictitious.

Due to the fact that Crime novels are not exactly compatible with the NaNoWriMo writing method – that of pushing out 1800 words a day, writing on the run, free-wheeling, or whatever other cliche suits you – I feel compelled to inform you that if I am to do just that, then it’s imperative that you read the story as a Draft.

Normally I would take the time to do research regarding the judiciary system, police procedures, language nuances etc, prior to commencement.  It is about 10 years since I lived in Singapore, for 8 months, but it seems that that has made my memory of dialogic quirks fade making me unsure of the authenticity of the work for the reader, and squashing the spontaneity.  Also having had no contact with the police, I am unsure how they would address each other – formally or informally.

Having said that I will proceed with the story ‘on the fly’, let it unfold, and take me and you where it will, and return when all is done to fix the glaringly obvious after some research – which, with a bit of luck, might entail another trip to Singapore!

Jud House  9/11/2012

* * * * *

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