sinking slowly into miasma
into slow-sand  into mire
into immobility
with such clarity.

How cruel can life be?

What was faced during life
traumas dealt with
crushing emotional blows
intellectual defeats
missed opportunities
uncalled for discriminations
injustices intentional and unintentional
is nothing.

How cruel can death be?

No living to the full
to slip away in sleep.
No sudden rending pain
shocking your systems
frying your circuits
then gone  peace.
No sudden stroke
numbing your muscles
from which return is possible.

How cruel can decline be?

Fully aware  cognizant
slowly watching yourself sink
patronised by strangers
talking at you in third person.
No pain to let you know you’re alive
it’s managed by morphine.
No discrimination here.
Taking no mind of your cleverness
your life accomplishments
your talents  beauty  knowledge.
All slowly phased out
till you’re a mind in a body
refusing to let you speak
unresponsive  leaden
manhandled by strangers
never alone  family in vigil-mode
interminably listening to conversations
you can’t join  you don’t want to hear.
Lying breathing open-mouthed
intermittent deaths occasionally
in a holding pattern
for hours  days  even weeks.

Do your dead siblings wait in the shadows?
Can you let go and join them?
Must you cling on while family linger?

How wonderful will death be?

(C) Jud House  10/04/2013 * * * * *


For want of a shed
for need of paved yard
for a lockable gate
ocean view thrown in
throw away common sense?

Unrealistic vendor expectations
ignoring market values
stubborn offer resistance
no common sense.

Good size rooms
good views from cool site
good number of rooms
good potential studio
good layout
plus side of common sense.

Poor quality fixtures
poor functioning fittings
poor neglected areas
poor work needing repairs
poor presentation
negative side of common sense.

Money to be spent
shade sails required
studio hot-house modified
lap pool installed
carpets replaced by bamboo boards
tree removal  frangipani planting
bathroom upgrades
kitchen bench-top  stone replacement
money side of common sense.

Walk away . . . .

(C) Jud House  8/04/2013

* * * * *


Back and forth you walk
dodging people with trolleys
mobile phones

You plan your picnic
know what needs to be done
their order
the least energy
the fewest footsteps
the quickest route

But still you recross your tracks
revisit premises done
things change
ideas occur
items missed
crowds cause chaos

Physical fatigue sets in
mental fatigue sets in
lose track of time
make no sense
sight shifts a little
feet ache

Where am I?
What was I saying?

Heading for home . . . .

(c)  Jud House   4/04/2013

* * * * *


Rescued  elvish cat
milky eyes and feathered ears
scruffy  skinny  rat-tail end

Treasured pet
timid scaredy cat
commandeering the bed

Long-haired  handsome
white tipped tail
imposing  weighty  in his prime

Hair shedder bigtime
constant hair-bunnies
decorate the floors
the sheets

Stone deaf  ancient
full furred  should be bald
‘3 cats worth’ and counting

Yowling full-voice  fretting
resounding in still streets
neighbourhood nightmare

Outside the house
inside the house
echoing in the lobby
up the stairs
till he sights his people


(C) Jud House  3/04/2013

* * * * *


Life is a one-way street.
being born
Moving through schools
with difficulty
passing or failing.

Moving through careers
in for the long haul
flitting from job to job
succeeding or failing.
Always forward – you can’t go back.
On the homefront
in for the long haul
stay in one place

On the move literally
itchy feet
taking your home with you
an overladen snail.
Always forward – you can’t go back.
Friendships for life
or days, months, years
in continuity
or picked up after time-gaps
enduring through troubles
or dropped at breaking point.

Partnerships – marital and business
for the duration.
How long is that?
days, months, years
in continuity
or picked up after time-gaps
enduring through troubles
or dropped at breaking point.
Always forward – you can’t go back.
Relationships always lop-sided
phone calls  texts  emails
one-way down IT street
fitting in others’ schedules
losing life-time on-hold in case
wasting never regained hours
as age manhandles us on.
Always forward – you can’t go back.
It’s a one-way street.
~ ~ ~

Jud House   2/04/2013

* * * * *