HAIKU – Australian Nullarbor

Nullarbor Plain

Vast white high-rise clouds
hug the blue haze horizon
on Nullarbor drive.

Salmon gum trees crowd
where road kill camels sprawl by
rolling tarmac road.

Sea Inlet


Emerging from trees
scudding clouds reflected in
sudden sea inlet.


From crow-fest road kill
eagles lift lazily to
soar in clear blue sky.

Great Australian Bight


Chill Antarctic breeze
swells silver ocean nudging
white cliff-edged Bight beach.


Wings spread feathers stretched
struggling through buffeting gales
bird soars dips floats glides

The Road goes on ... and on ...

(C) Copyright  Jud House  15/09/2006

* * * * *

HAIKU – Korean Images

Koje, Korea

Islands peak through mist
Chinese watercolour in
layered shades of grey.

Koje, Korea

Mauled mountains suffer
continual construction
thrust into gullies.

Cherry Blossom, Jangpyung, Korea

Cherry blossoms weep
as brown dust cloud from China
blankets Korea.

Ulsan, Korea

(C) Copyright Jud House 15/09/2006

* * * * *


I thought I should perhaps provide a cover blog for the Haiku that I will publish on here.  My work is a little off the norm for Haiku – it has the required 17 syllables of 5/7/5 over 3 lines.  But my Haiku are strongly image based, rather than having emotional or spiritual moments frozen in time.  I can’t help this.  As an artist, I see everything vividly, in detail, colours, brushstrokes, textures, atmospherics, minutiae!  Comments about my powers of observation are commonplace.

I am one of those odd people who have both an analytical practical inventive map-reading mind, and a creative mind in all areas: tactile, visual, musical, vocal.  I have written stories and played with words all my long life; and I have drawn and painted and carved sand-quarry faces, sculpted beach sand creatures since child-hood.  I love words, their spelling, the way they look on a page, the pattern they make, the picture they make, the sound of them strung together.

Having discovered Haiku quite late in life while at University, I have become addicted to making them in my head as we drive along the coast, or across the Nullarbor between the Western and Eastern States of Australia.  My main problem is remembering to write them down.  I have done so on some really strange objects, scraps of paper, receipts, paper napkins and so on, with nothing to rest them on but my hand, being jostled by the motion of the car, or someone passing my cafe table.

And I presume that I am not alone in this.  I certainly hope not.

(C) Copyright Jud House  11/08/2011

* * * * *

HAIKU – Singapore Snippets


Clark Quay


Singapore forecast
Zoo, Bird Park, Chinese Gardens
thunder storm victims.

Singapore Foreshore

Torrential curtain
drapes white cascade down stairs to
river running road.

Nil visibility
rain sheets blind speeding traffic
to crawl through deluge.

Behind Orange Grove Road

Man-made mists murder
malarial mosquitoes
in fall foliage.

Taxis twist and turn
through Orange Grove Road sunshine
with terrified fares.

Singapore Boat


Giant cranes lift their
orange green and yellow necks
to threatening sky.

Safari trams snake
through dripping moon-glazed jungle
slithering eyes gleam.

Foreshore Sculpture

Dawdle, jostle, rush
one hundred thousand people
on hot weekend street.

Pimps perv passersby
while girls in dark smoke-filled bars
relieve men of cash.

Clark Quay


Circled entry walls
hide bonsai garden koi pond
brolleyed visitors.


Abundance garden
Chinese Zodiac statues
gleam in rampant maze.

Princess Statue, Chinese new Year

(C) Copyright  Jud House  15/09/2006

 * * * * *